Thursday, February 14, 2013

My New Mountain Mission

I've been blessed by a new mission while visiting my mountain mama, as is fitting because her family hadso much to do with what I will be working with. Last Monday evening, we attended February's monthly meeting of the Coker Creek Ruritan Club, which was founded by her family and several other long-term residents of Coker Creek. As a rural civic organization, much like Kiwainis or Civitans, the club exists to benefit the local people and community.

Richard has served on their board and I've participated with him, giving us both the opportunity to get to know many of the nicest people in the area, through serving with them. My attendance at the potluck supper meeting with Mountain Mama started me on my new journey. I became reacquainted with Jill Franklin, the principal of Coker Creek Elementary School, a mission that I've been interested in assisting for some time. We discussed the possibility of using my latest book about Coker Creek to help with fundraising for this extremely important hub of the community, for which the Murphy family donated much of the land.

I also ran into Mary Jane, who will be assisting in promoting Coker Creek's heritage through a newly designed website. I had offered to help write for her efforts. At the meeting she gladly accepted my offer.

This morning, I took the opportunity to pay a visit to Jill at the school. What a wonderful surprise awaited me when I walked in without an appointment; the principal was standing in the office. I explained to her that much of my writing is a celebration of the family life of Coker Creek, and that I would like to help promote more of this, through the use of my books. She, in turn, shared that she was attempting to start an after-school care program at her school to assist in the efforts to attract more working families to send their children to this local rural school. What a match made in heaven are her goals and my interests and talents!

To add icing to the already rich cake of community involvement, I ran into my across-the-hill neighbors, Terry and Cassie, while at the school. Our delightful chat about my assisting with next year's school Mardi Gras celebration was followed by a visit to our favorite Coker Creek gold prospector, Bill, and his wife, Marsh Jean, who have twin boys at Coker Creek Elementary. Bill had a professional Foosball table for sale that will be perfect for our rental cabin game room, and Marsha Jean is interested in learning how to write grants.Blessings abound!

I am so excited about working closely with all these woman that I so admire and love, and to many more excuses for trips to see my mountain mama.

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  1. What a great place to spread the word about. I love the
    Coker Creek area and the nice folk I have met there. One of the most enjoyable visits I can remember.