Sunday, February 10, 2013

Savoring My Children's Sprits

Letting go of them is the hardest thing a parent can do,
Knowing our children are protected by a very few.
It is easy to interfere when we offer our protection,
Risking that this will lead to our own rejection.

When our adult children finally break away,
It hard to know what to do or what to say.
When we release them, we pray for their return,
Knowing there are lessons they still have to learn.

They and their children have so much to teach me;
My enthusiasm for them is often perceived as greed.
My prayers have been for them to have loving others
To protect them when they lose me, their mother.

The greatest earthly blessing that they can give me
Is showing me they're safe in their own families.
They have each other to share their history
Even if their families' futures do not include me.

I always knew they were not given to me, but lent,
And that, as their mother, I'd have much to repent.
I am willing to, our adult friendships sacrifice,
If my absence makes, for each of them, a better life.

Life without enjoying our shared memories
Is not an old age by which I'm most pleased,
But I am willing do whatever I must
To remain an elder friend in whom they can trust.

They may not always like me; we often disagree,
But my love and respect I hope they both see.
I stand at the door with my arms outstretched,
Available to them if, my friendship, they elect.

On this Sacred Sunday, I think of them with no tears;
I seem to have finally let go of my motherly fears.
I feel at peace with whatever they, as adults, choose.
Their Sacred Spirits live on in me; these I can't lose.

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