Saturday, February 9, 2013

Men of Ministry

I see so many men struggling with what they are supposed to be;
We used to expect them to strut their strengths for all to see.
We got lonesome when they died, and we lived so very long.
We women, who love them, are now teaching them our songs.

So many of them cook and clean while we're on the run;
They are now creating friendships simply to share in fun.
These posses will band together to help us protect the young,
Even when those we women choose to protect are very far-flung.

Men grew tired of pretending strength while we pretend to be weak;
It's not easy defining roles in the partnerships we now seek.
A world of sharing resources is what The Sacred Spirit projected;
It takes head and heart from all of us for our earth to be protected.

Why do we continue to kill humans after all these generations?
Why do we continue to divide ourselves into earthly nations?
We are all The Body Human, endowed with The Sacred Spirit.
We must learn to sing loud enough so the whole earth will hear it.

We must stop promoting fear as a way to change the hearts of others;
We must stop ridiculing men who wish to learn from their mothers.
We must expect and teach our men to hold and cherish our babes;
Perhaps they will then realize that no person should be another's slave.

When we allow our boys to enjoy many years of innocence,
Perhaps The Sacred Spirit will leave a greater imprint.
A man who learns to hold a baby gently in his own arms,
Is a man much less likely to wish any life on earth harm.


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  1. I think it is great to be able to share life with my wife.

    the goal you preach is very noble, that is for sure...