Friday, February 8, 2013

We Belong to a Mutual Aggravation Society, My Mamie and Me.

Some people simply enter our souls and never leave again.
We may spend little time with them, but their spirits we retain.
I confessed to Mountain Mama that I'm greedy for time with her;
Our relationship isn't, with emotional baggage, hampered.

She reminds me regularly that she likes to aggravate me;
I tell her I'm as aggravating as anybody can possibly be.

We agree that parenthood is the most important job on earth,
But she's not sure that fathers can take over after we give birth.

We cook together, cry together, laugh and complain
She says that we women should, over the world, reign.

I remind her that the only thing holding us back
Is the fear that, for our strengths, we will be attacked.

She is rightfully proud of her many management skills.
"What do you think?" is her entree to me being grilled.
We congratulate each other on the things we do the same,
Avoiding admitting differences is a favorite of our games.

When we can't ignore a disagreement, we agree to learn
The way each other does things, so neither feels spurned.
If every one of our elders was willing to learn from their young,
Perhaps the future's possibilities, by all of us, would be sung.
She married and gave birth very young, educating herself;
For all her reading material, there aren't enough shelves.
Her interest in people is another form of her education;
Her friends include people from every state in the nation

Her four children all grew to be responsible citizens;
They all seemed to consider their mother their best friend.
She lost a son to death, a daughter to Alzheimer's dementia;
Still, her life is family, friend, faith, feeding folks, and fun centered.

When I am in her home, to her will, I always try to defer;
This is a sign of homeowner's respect that I usually prefer. Everything that happens in her home is her responsibility;
I am blessed that she is willing to share it all with me.

What a compliment that she believes that I am her equal,
Even though her life has been much more eventful.
Perhaps in the years between now and when I'm her age,
I'll enjoy as many relationships as those in which she's engaged.

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  1. methinks for sure, women could run the country much better than the men have, in the last 150 years....