Friday, March 15, 2013

Seeing The Sacred Spirit

Let's say The Sacred Spirit is the energy of "God" with many manifestations. I awoke this morning at the home of one of my best friends; some of the greatest manifestations of The Sacred Spirit in my life being loving friends and family. She shared with me that she was spending the day walking with another friend enjoying the teeming life in the French Quarter. Sounds like a sacred way to spend a day to me.

Even though I looked forward to sharing some sacred time with my neighbor, practicing her English pronunciations, she was emotionally under the weather. When her husband called to communicate her situation, he and I had the opportunity to share our joy in my friendship with his wife. There is nothing that manifests The Sacred Spirit more than shared community.

The Sacred Spirit is bonding my daughter with me from five hundred miles away, as she sits on her backyard deck grading students' writing assignments. She must be enjoying the same weather as we are. She couldn't bear to contain her joy, so she posted the perfection of her evening's manifestation of the glory of The Sacred Spirit on her facebook page.

This evening, The Sacred Spirit on the water looks bright and sunny with gentle ripples instead of waves. The way I see The Sacred Spirit in this evening's sky is as a bright cloudless blue The seabirds are soaring with The Sacred Spirit's breezes under their wings, preparing for their safe, sacred, warm nighttime roosts.

There was a sunbather by the pool soaking up The Sacred Spirit's manifestation as sunlight, so welcome in the last days of winter. And the workman who had been sharing The Scared Spirit in his repair work headed off to, hopefully, an evening filled with The Sacred Spirit of a loving family and home. And my sacred husband returned home to me from his day of volunteer work, happy to have shared his manifestations of The Sacred Spirit.

Sacred water, sacred waves, sacred sea;
All of this glory, all of ours for free.
Sacred men and women serving others,
Sacred Spiritual sisters and brothers.

All I see in all of balanced creation
Is The Sacred Spirit's manifestations.
I know others see God as only a man;
This I've never been able to understand.

The negation of The Sacred Spirit is easy
When we limit the manifestations we see.
If we recognize The Sacred Spirit in all things
We'll look for it in all that life brings.

When I slow down and take the time
To know that what I need is already mine.
I love to share my sacred visions with others,
As children do with their fathers and mothers.

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