Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Sacred Spirit and Jewish Jesus

What if the bible is actually an analogy of the faith journey of all of humanity? What if different segments of humanity come to spiritual maturity at different times and places in the universe, and each person in each generation has to live out their destiny with an eye on becoming more spiritual with each succeeding generation? What if we stopped focusing on exclusion and began to focus on inclusion, with the goal being a return to a wholeness of The Sacred Spirit through universal unity?

What if, as cosmologists say, all matter in the universe, including humans is made up of star dust, which originated with one source of energy. What if, at the end of the earth, all The Sacred Spirits are all bound in one glowing ball of Eternal energy? Do you want to be part of the dark black holes that destroy energy or part of Eternal light?

It seems to me that Jesus was very clear on his feelings about all the competition for "God's" favorites, and the apostles voted to include gentiles in their mission of spreading the quest for unity of spirit. How did worldly religions manage to hijack The Sacred Spirit and invent rules for belonging to The Scared Spirit's tribe that even rejected the original leaders on the paths back to perfect peace?

Will humans ever fully grow up instead of beginning again and again rather than studying the elders before plowing ahead; or are we eternally doomed to be two year olds and teens who will always refuse guidance until we have self-destructed. Don't tell me what to do; simply give me the resources without any instructions or restrictions. Oh, but always be waiting in the wings to rescue me.

The real problem with our culture, as I see it, is competition for more than what we can ever enjoy and certainly don't need. Having spent four years with evil being explained to me in great detail, I know that I was much happier when I had less knowledge from the tree of good and evil. I also have more peace, the less I own and am responsible to keep alive.

I am so grateful for the great variety of skills that are employed to provide peace and prosperity in our ever- shrinking physical lives. The skills of others free up all the time I could possibly want to learn of the wonders of the universe, contemplate their places in the grand schemes of creation, and share love with the people most important to me.

Many mistake my positive passion for naivete or lack of intelligence. Suffice it to say that nothing could be farther from a description of what my life has exposed my poor brain and spirit to. I could say that I'm happy to be alive, but more accurately, I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to do my best to make a positive difference in at least one life while I've lived. I hope that, when I die, I will have left a legacy of a universe a tiny bit better because I lived in it.

I think this way because I stopped looking backward to ancient religious beliefs at a very early age, and have stayed focused on only The Sacred Spirit as perfectly exemplified by Jewish Jesus and his Jewish family with their many generations of growth in spirituality. I want to be part of The Eternal Light of The Sacred Spirit.

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