Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 5

When we read the Bible from a family perspective, we see a pattern in humanity's continued failure to live in peace. Competition and jealousy continue to lead generation after generation to war, apparently to become "favorite children." We MUST STOP making "God" in the likeness of humans with all our fears and power plays. We MUST begin to believe in The Sacred Spirit that contains potential for continued greater power based on synergy. The more we cooperate, the more the universal, eternal Sacred Spirit accomplishes.

The more snow attaches to a snowball, the more power the snowball has, regardless if the snowball picks up sticks, stones, and other "foreign" matter. If we can stop fighting for ascendancy of one tribe over another, the snowball of faith in The Sacred Spirit of humanity would include the universe. 

The sun shines on all the earth, no matter the race color or creed of the inhabitants. On some it shines more briefly and in different cycles than in others. The trees that grow in my climate are not superior to yours; they are simply trees in other manifestations of tree life. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could know all manifestations of life without judging each as good or bad?

I will never understand the immensity of the energy that manifests in so many forms of animal life and death. Neither will I ever understand the manifestations of what we know as life in the rocks, soil, and gasses of my earthly dwelling place. I will continue to seek The Sacred Spirit's presence in all of the bits of consciousness that I'm allowed to experience.

The Sacred Spirit was there before any physical manifestations. The Sacred Spirit is the gift of a Pentecostal presence. I pray daily for an earthly, eternal Pentecost.

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