Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pentecostal Prayer Day 6

I lived in a small town; out of respect I went to another;
This is the same reason I deserted my own mother.
To the values that connect them, I can't adhere;
They deny the essential values that I hold most dear.

From the time I was a baby, I'm told, I turned away
From any bullying behavior that came into play.
I would not look at my father who had beaten me;
I will not look at anyone in whom intimidation I see.

When societies are formed by agreeing to lies,
I must speak up about the abuses that I most despise.
The fact that I will not be a witness to martyrdom
Is the reason that I've, isolated from society, become.

Most people my age are looking for comfort and peace;
Any thoughts of protest have long ago ceased.
I don't understand this hanging on to physical life,
When each generation seems to accept more strife.

Anything I can do to help my grandchildren succeed
In turning our society away from individual greed,
I will gladly do, including becoming a martyr,
If my death could move human compassion a bit farther.

The spirit of Jewish Jesus that was left upon the earth
Is the same Sacred Spirit which accompanied his birth.
Pray that The Sacred Spirit that was left at Pentecost
Will infuse humanity with the peace that we have lost.

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