Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 41

Pain as punishment has made us afraid to hold each other as we suffer and die, as if the bad karma is contagious. This idea that we, or someone we were born through, acted in ways that deserved the purging that only pain can produce has made us turn away from each other in an attempt to bar the evil humors from our own physical forms and Sacred Spirits.

How often we are given medicine in an attempt to release us from the pain that only the warmth of another's physical being can impart to us. It is my experience that the only way to save the souls of ourselves and of others is to bond with them in their joys and their sorrows, sharing on a level of The Sacred Spirit. How much more beautiful it may be for those dying on the battlefields to be asked whether they want to be put back together like broken dolls or whether they would prefer to be held as their bodies release The Sacred Spirit to simply float home to the hearts and souls of others.

The message often seems to be, "Hurry and heal because your pain makes me nervous," rather than, "Come, let me hold you and absorb your pain as long as you need me to be your balm." It is not only morphine that releases endorphins enough to take us away to a state of spiritual connection with "The Sacred Spirit" of the whole universe. The physical manifestations of love also have this ability.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we open ourselves to the celebration of sharing life up until the very end, when we may be fortunate enough to absorb some of The Sacred Spirit of those with whom we have shared the celebration.

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