Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 42

At the end of life we get greedy to create better memories of each other,
But in the process we are often robbing our sisters and brothers.
Unless we are using the extra time to bond our spiritual selves,
We are only killing The Sacred Spirit that continues to indwell.

Why preserve a body that has long ago ceased to give
The positive energy on which our universe continues to live?
Why can we not accept that all energy has a cycle of life?
Knowing that all energy is eternal should, for us, suffice.

The day that I am sure that I'm no longer able to give,
This is the day I want my body to cease to live.
Energy that could be put to keeping me breathing
May be the energy that keeps another from conceiving.

My life has many times felt it's run its assigned course;
I have only come to new life after years of remorse.
Whenever it is time for me to breath my body's last,
I hope the positive is that to which my family holds fast.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we begin to accept physical birth and death as simply transformations of life and The Sacred Spirit.

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