Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pentecost Prayer Day 50

Priests have no place in our parenting;
Ministers aren't made to mold minds.
With the advent of human reason,
Superstition should be left behind.

It is more difficult to think for oneself
Than to call upon magical beings.
It is difficult to step back from childhood,
And think about what we're truly seeing.

We're each given our own experiences,
And the collective wisdom of community,
To assist us in framing our goals and paths
On which we're called by The Sacred Spirit to be.

I only do what my gifts and time allow me;
If each of us does, with our gifts, the same,
We will eventually have no more greed;
Our human family, we'll then fully reclaim.

When will human males honor their spirits
In the process that gave humanity birth?
Or, is what the Dalai Lama says is the truth,
Women are the future of peace on earth?

The spirits of men should not be less sacred
Than those of the wombs from which they came.
I believe more must be written to guide them
Back to The Sacred Spirit which they can claim.

My Sacred Son, embrace the honor of your spirit;
I have been holding the flame of your spirit high.
When will you stop being ashamed of this?
Your greatness of spirit you continue to deny.

I am old and cannot continue to be your beacon;
You must choose to go forward or go back.
I will die knowing that your sacred spirit
Was meant to lead others in a righteous track.

I cannot force you to honor the sacred path
For which you were placed upon this earth;
I only know that the spirit you have shared
Will, for eternity, light this physical universe.

I so hoped you would take your ability
To lead others in your strong human wake;
That those who knew and enjoyed you
Would, of your sacredness, partake.

To change the direction that we were given,
Maybe wasn't meant for us, in my limited life.
I still hold out hope that the answer to peace
Is defined by example of husband and wife.

My prayer for Pentecost is that we accept The Sacred Spirit as something to which we, as humans, can choose to aspire.

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