Friday, May 24, 2013

Sacred Spirits that I See

What if we saw the mission of humanity to, first, do no harm?
Would this serve the purpose of getting nations to disarm?
What if we saw the purpose of humanity to protect
The vulnerable that others of the animal kingdom reject?

What if we saw each other as collections of sacred talents,
Instead of looking for ways to perfectionism's pretense?
Would we then seek, on earth,  to incorporate everyone,
Instead of teaching our children, from the different, to run?

It is one of the earth's greatest sadnesses to me 
That so many have taught their children false humility.
As long as we know where our talents come from,
We should celebrate what eternity allows us to become.

It destroys The Sacred Spirit to deny special gifts;
To act as we deserve them also forms human rifts.
Seeing gifts as sacred duties to improve the universe
Is a value system that, to many, seems perverse.

I was told not to see the gifts by which I'd been anointed,
And told to hide them, as if my parents were disappointed.
I was offered up in marriage, to supposedly protect me,
But, he too, was threatened by what he could clearly see.

I thought my mission as parent was that my children exceed
The apparent values of the time, that seemed to be greed.
Perhaps I erred in my pursuit; maybe it was arrogance;
Perhaps many generations will suffer from my pretense.

My children are long-since adults, with their own families;
They have made it clear that they no longer need me.
Though my mother thought me arrogant, as do many;
I am long-since ready to give myself over to eternity.

My continued input into my children's families does harm;
This is not in keeping with my living faith's earthly form.
I put my wisdom and my wit out for the use of those
Who have not, to a sacred mission, been exposed.

In this way, I feel that I remain on earth without attachment.
The unlimited universal time requires this detachment.
I feel that I have fulfilled my primary responsibilities;
What my progeny do from now on, I may not ever see.

In the universe of The Sacred Spirit, we cannot ever tell
In what people and places our eternal energy will dwell.
I have done my best, in my life, to offer the positive;
I believe that this is all we humans are expected to give.

The prophets weren't fortune tellers; they were observant
That many generations, in their arrogance, would not relent.
Those who warn of danger are often seen as danger's source;
I cannot stop the sights, but I cannot feel remorse.

Many are energized by fear and anger, leading to death.
This is the greatest source of my deepest life regrets,
My anger at injustice frightens many away from me.
Is a resigned spirit to the world of old all that's left to be?

I can't seem to quiet myself when I see cause for celebration
This also seem to lead to others' great intimidation.
My passions, I now put on paper, rather than create dissension.
Finding words that help bring peace is my fond intention.

I will go to my grave sad that my children are disappointed
By the path to which, in my earthly life, I have been anointed.
I hope that in some incarnation of their memories of me.
They will accept the greatness of their spirits that I see.

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