Monday, June 10, 2013

The Path to Peace on Earth

Why do we, as humans, fear that which we can't understand,
And attempt to explain all Sacred within the limitations of man?
As a mother, I am awed by what came to life within my being,
Outside of the area of what I was, then, capable of seeing.

I am saddened by human science's belief that we are in control;
It seems to diminish the cycle that makes each generation whole.
Humanity used to know that there was a natural cycle, from birth,
That continued to feed the universal Sacred cycles of our universe.

We now feel that, in allowing our earthly natures to progress,
We are somehow allowing our best of humanity to regress.
If we really believed in an Omnipotent Power of the Universe,
We'd believe that, at times, our earthly gains have to reverse.

This is not to say that previous humans have summarily failed;
It is simply that universal peace takes time, in order to prevail.
The glory of universal peace among people, and our harmony,
I will probably not be blessed enough, in my life, to see.

This does not preclude my responsibility to add my voice
In belief that peace among the nations of humanity is a choice. 
I live my life with an open mind, and an open heart and spirit,
Hoping where there is The Sacred Spirit's voice, we'll hear it.

Wherever I believe I hear instructions on the path to peace,
I commit to a process, that in my singing it out, I will increase.
I know that, in my mother's and father's faith, women don't speak;
I am weary that, in this way, only their voice of God, we seek.

Their path to peace continues to defer to their ancestral past;
I believe this was not meant to be Divine manifestation's last.
When will humankind have the faith in their own families to proceed;
Joining the path of all humanity, where peace on earth will succeed?

Peace, like in our own families, doesn't mean we all agree.
It means that we respect each others' core humanity.
We teach, by our own example, how we wish to be treated,
Allowing, within each community, their own justice to be meted.

Centuries of religious ritual can only be changed from within,
But the telling of our own stories is a place for others to begin.
I believe that this is the true purpose of the scriptures;
To give stories of how others grew from historical strictures.

The Sacred Spirit is in all humans; this we must project,
Especially toward the innocent children we're to protect.
Fear and jealousy are not parts of The Sacred Spirit;
If our lives say this loud enough, the universe will hear it.

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