Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Teach Is the Essence of Humanity

It took a while to identify our joint father in Abraham;
He was certainly not presented as a perfect father or man.
Because he gave away the mother and a child of his loins,
We've continued to, in opposing directions, keep going.
When will we wake up, as a family, and choose to go back,
All the way before we pretended to knowledge we still lack?

True Buddhists don't kill; they embrace all of earthly life;
We, as Abraham's children, should be equally tired of strife.
Our ancestors made many mistakes; it is time to forgive them;
We have it in our power to define our own roles as humans.
There will always be base animals who seek to destroy
Anything that they see another family or person enjoy.

Isn't it time that we stop using these animals as our example?
Our history as humanity should have examples most ample,
Of the ways to provide for peace for our own families;
Protection from jealousy and greed our greatest human need.
The poor, honest workers must rise up with those
Who are, of responsible compassion, for them disposed.

We must pledge to support only those who will work,
Not the the rulers' drones who, their own strengths, shirk.
Our challenge is to refuse government support for our faith;
This support has been the downfall of our human race.
The Jew, those who follow Jesus, and the Muslim
Are all taught that we're meant to be a family of all humans.

Teach, teach, and teach some more, if you have a talent;
This is the role for which humanity was actually sent.
We do humankind no favors when we control by fear;
This should be, by now, to humans, abundantly clear.
Anyone who will not learn from others is surely a fool,
And they will always be the controlling despots' tools.

Do not worry if your wisdom seems to fall on deaf ears;
It may not be in this generation that anyone hears.
You have done your utmost, if as a learned human,
You've passed down your knowledge to a young man or woman.
And if you are blessed with talent, write it for the ages;
Remember that lasting change only comes in slow stages.

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