Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Embracing Our Eternity

I long to give my loved ones much deserved rest,
Knowing they are weary from trying their best.
But they act as if my love makes them weak,
Refusing, my sheltering arms, to seek.

Why does my strength make them afraid?
Isn't sheltering the task for which I was made?
Is it that many trees are feared in the storm,
Rather than being seen as shelters from harm?

Must all shelter be as solid as a rock cave?
In earthquakes, these don't, many lives, save.
Our nation has become a nation of fear,
Distrusting compassion that I hold most dear.

We have turned our society into animals
Who, with family and tribal mistrust, are full.
We have drawn ever further into isolation,
Protecting our own, as the greatest creations.

Fear serves the purpose of controlling behavior,
As long as animals believe in a strong savior.
To say that religions promoting fear are true
Is to deny what Jesus said that humans should do.

To say that The Sacred isn't, on earth, manifest,
Is to say that Genesis should not be professed.
It is easier to invent faces and names for gods
Than to honor The Sacred on this earth we trod.

When we bow to The Sacred Spirit in each other,
We acknowledge The Spirit as "father" and "mother".
Only through male and female sacred sexual energy
Has The Spirit become manifest in what we've come to be.

The complexity of the manifestations continues to evolve,
As mysteries of not-knowing are constantly resolved.
Perhaps it is the plight of each civilization to metamorphose
Into new gestation chambers for The Holy Ghost.

Perhaps physical manifestations will not be needed
When the imperative of harmony on earth is heeded.
I embrace the thought that the energy manifest in me
Will one day be part of energy that is limit free.

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