Monday, November 4, 2013

I AM infinite

I am fond of a joke that goes something like this, "If you are good to a dog, the dog comes to believe that you are a god; If you are good to a cat, the cat comes to believe that he/she is a god."

It seems to me that cats are not ever truly domesticated unless they become best friends with a domesticated dog who will teach them some manners. Perhaps humans should be dividing themselves into those who like being feral cats and those who want to be domesticated dogs. They should wear clothing that signifies what they prefer to be, so we know what to expect of them and in their tribes.

I know that a lot of people wear "gang" insignia, be the insignia of their favorite sports team, their school colors, signs of their religious affiliation, or actual violent gang signs. I appreciate this, so that I can attempt to avoid getting on the wrong side of their ways of treating outsiders. I am not sure why it angers so many people to see signs of "gang" affiliation.

I can usually observe from a distance before deciding whether or not the person or non-human animal seems safe for me to approach. What is wrong with simply crossing the street to avoid confrontation with those we don't understand? Why do we buy into fear as an automatic response to all that appear to be not "like us?"

There are many who belong to animal  rescue organizations, promoting the good qualities of animals that are thought to be intrinsically violent. I submit that the way the animals are taught to be more gentle is to be worked with one-on-one by people who look them in the eye, speaks gently and teaches them what is expected in their new homes. Is this the way we "rescue" humans who have been abandoned by "polite" society before they end up in a prison ministry. I think not.

Many western rules are based on the ten commandments. The problem with these commandments is that they speak to others about what others should do. Perhaps we'd have more luck with people actually living by them as examples to others if the were reworded as positive messages of what we "shall" do, and worn on our bodies, so that we could hold each other accountable for the examples we are embodying:

1. I will see The Sacred Spirit in all creation, and will honor that spirit above all.

2. I will not attempt to limit the vision of The Sacred Spirit to an earthly image.

3. I will not use any image of The Sacred Spirit to manipulate another to my will.

4. I will be grateful for every day, and will rejoice with others on a regular basis.

5. I will honor my history by seeking to overcome the examples embodies in fear, and multiply the blessings.

6. I will seek to see The Sacred Spirit in all who wish to do me and my children harm, killing only when all other methods of sharing The Sacred Spirit have been attempted.

7. I will build The Sacred Spirit through bonding with others, and will not introduce into these sacred bonds that which will loosen them.

8. I will be humble enough to ask for what I need, being willing to learn to earn it. I will pay life-sustaining wages to all who help in my own efforts.

9. I will say encouraging words to and about everyone I encounter, so that each person may see and share The Sacred Spirit with me and others that they encounter.

10.  I will rejoice with others as they work to build security for their families and all communities on earth, and will use my own talents to assist in this effort toward justice.

To sum it all up, we can see The Sacred Spirit in all around us, and nurture The Sacred Spirit in all. Just in case people still don't get the message that "God" is I AM  to the infinite power. That means all that is special on earth and in "heaven."

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