Friday, November 8, 2013

At Alchemy Friday 5:30a.m.

I am at Alchemy, something for which I have longed, seemingly forever.
I am in the presence of 150 women of wisdom and personal power, and I feel so small.
Many of these women are just starting on the adventure of full womanhood;
I am in awe of their courage to come together in a room so teaming with strong spirits.

Are they sure the spirits entering them through the air, their ears and eyes will be loving?
Ritual breaks down barriers, and let's the spirit breaths of others into our sacred souls.
We pretend that all mother spirits are life giving, but I know this not to be true.
I am tired of being picked to death by mothers wanting to have me conform.

It takes only a look or a gasp to inform me that I've crossed the line from "lady-like".
I am not a lady. I am a warrior woman, fighting to my own death to reclaim my sacred son.
Never have I felt my daddy's energy so powerfully; even his mother is here in this fight.
Is it an accident that their is a boy baby at my table? It is for him that I offer up my prayers.

I don't want a world of women. I want a world men and women are the doulas of each others' souls.

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