Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pentecost and Pondering

The day that counts the most in my spirituality
Is the day that The Sacred Spirit, was finally set free.
For centuries the Breath of the Universe was captured
By those who, by only what they saw, were enraptured.

To people of the Pentecost who continue to wait
For The Second coming, I simply can't relate.
The message of this great day is very clear to me;
The Sacred Spirit has always manifested in eternity.

Generation, by generation, tribe by tribe,
Each species awakened to reasons we're alive.
Why do we continue to insist that the way is back?
When Pentecost played out, there was nothing that we lacked.

We must stop listening to those who promote fear;
That they are also afraid, should be most clear.
We don't need to follow those who are, themselves, afraid
When the path that Jesus walked was so carefully laid.

Each human has the capacity to join the family of faith
In the great capacity of community in the human race.
Those who set us against each other are to be scorned,
Stripped of the status with which they've been adorned.

The ways of The Sacred are that we feel most alive
When with those who only wish for The Spirit to thrive.
We must shield ourselves from naysayers until we are strong;
They, and their fearful followers, are the ones in the wrong.

The ways of the fearful boast, ridicule, and bully others;
I don't understand how they attract sisters and brothers.
Those who walk the path of joy and, in others, belief
Seem to be the one's in life who are most subject to grief.

I cannot, any longer, be made to feel afraid
Now that my children's adult paths have been laid.
It was only for them that I held my wrath back;
The bullies will always, the most vulnerable, attack.

My words have been honed and carefully sharpened;
They are the weapons on which I most depend.
Nobody has the answer to the great mysteries of life;
What we experience in our totality will have to suffice.

I will not stay silent when a child is ridiculed
Because he or she sees "God" in a rippling pool.
I'll not be party to those saying babies are born in sin;
This only allows the fearful charlatans to come in.

There is no space in The Sacred Spirit's life for fear;
There is only awe for all that we naturally hold most dear.
We must stop expecting that we'll ever fully understand;
That, to me, is the beauty of being simply human.

To each person is given a small piece to the whole puzzle;
Without all the pieces, the picture won't be full.
It matters not in what generation all the answers are given;
The cooperation in the puzzle is how we create earthly heaven.

Perhaps, when we complete the puzzle, the world will end;
Meanwhile, I hope to make many more eternal friends.
Have you ever done a puzzle where all pieces are black or white?
This is the world vision that we continue to fight.

All the pieces fit in some version of the puzzle's whole.
All the religions of the earth have parts of truth told.
Just like a map of the earth and maps of the universe,
The shapes only give us points on which to converse.

We're meant to attempts at common language, to be sure;
Though all the universe can only be described in metaphor.
Awe is only possible when we don't fully understand.
Pondering mystery is the greatest gift of being human.

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