Sunday, December 22, 2013

Promise of Pentecost

I believe that humanity has been taught that we can't be fully human with accepting the dogma of others about what defines religion or a deity to be believed. I simply don't believe that anyone on earth, at any time in human history, has been able to grasp the entirety of the awesome that encompasses the universe. I do believe that there is evidence of a mystery, inconceivable to the minds of humans, in everyday manifestations of the physical universe.

Scientists and spiritualists are two sides of the same coin; they both attempt to put words and easily assimilated visions of what is wondrous into words around which we can wrap our finite minds. We will never find the end of the loop because there is no beginning or end. They are both the same, as in a Möbius strip. Inside and outside never end; they only continue in the paths of each other.

I choose not to limit my manifestations of The Sacred Spirit by what others tell me it looks (looked) like to them in their worldviews. I refuse to believe that The Sacred Spirit was only revealed to males. I refuse to believe that The Sacred Spirit stopped "speaking" almost two thousand years ago.

I believe in the Promise of Pentecost. All who want to be sacred can grab themselves some of The Sacred Spirit, either directly or through contact with those who glow with this grace and are willing to be touched by others in need.

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