Monday, January 27, 2014

Christianity Is About Creed Rather than Deed

My biggest issue with many of those who are "religious" is how easy they forgive themselves. Instead of engaging in dialog about differences, they proclaim their truths as if there are no other interpretations or translations in the huge world of communication. Ask any two eye witnesses to the same event for their stories, and you will see how dramatically different perceptions based on existing ideas and worldviews can be.

Scholars have long assented to the belief that there are many nuances to the ways in which "sacred scriptures" can be interpreted, yet many continue to proselytize as if their own versions are absolute. There is no right or wrong in belief; there is simply difference in experience. When will we learn to listen with ears that attempt to find similarities instead of competing to find errors in the beliefs of each other?

The greatest miracle I ever experienced was the births of my children, but my spouse (the co-creator) did not feel the same about the two events. Some see birth an an increase in their own responsibilities; others see the same event as an extension of the sacred in their own experience of life on earth. Is either actually wrong for what he or she feels? Are any feelings right or wrong unless we act on them?

I am tired, beyond my ability to care about life, of efforts to control my beliefs. What impacts our earth is what we do. "Christianity" lightened the load of becoming fully functioning humans by making human morality about creed rather than deed. I reject the creed. I've been ridiculed and rejected for my deeds. I would now welcome death.


  1. Your last sentence makes me afraid that you're thinking about suicide. If you are having any thoughts of suicide, I would urge you to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Another resource on the Internet is I would also urge you to show this post to a family member or trusted friend and ask for help. My husband and I are both survivors of the suicide of a close family member. Thoughts of suicide need to be addressed, and there is help available.

  2. Thank you for your concern, Donna. I am not contemplating suicide, and my family is very familiar with my feelings regarding death. I am simply not terribly attached to life simply for the sake of continued breath. I really do appreciate your efforts at connecting with me. Do I know you?

    1. Hi--I left a comment on "Formerly Fundie," which you replied to. I followed the link to your blog, and was concerned when I saw your statement. My brother's suicide six years ago has taken a huge toll on my life, health and outlook, which I'm still trying to recover from. I would not want to see anyone go down that path, for their sake and their family's sake. I suffer a great deal now with depression, and medication helps a little. I wish you the best in your journey. My blog is