Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reclaiming Our Peaceful Paradise

What can one woman do in the great "god" discussion,
When, forever, the writings have been controlled by men?
We must meditate on our ancestral sense of the sacred,
Before we were ashamed of presenting ourselves naked.

We must shake off the fear that our bodies will be killed;
What is now important is that our voices not be stilled.
We cannot find peace in the concept of jealous kings;
War is the only policy that jealousy ever brings.

Why would a king mourn the death of his progeny?
His body, in the act of creation, is essentially set free.
We are the ones who risk our bodies, blood, and our souls
To make space for new potential life to become whole.

We must rise up against children as tools for gods and lords;
And must stand together as, our sacred seeds, we hoard.
This is the only way to break the back of earthly monarchy,
And reclaim the earth as the peaceful paradise it should be.

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