Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do You Know What You'd Have Done?

It is so easy calling oneself "Christian," assuming we all are tempted the same way,
But when faced with the weaknesses that we don't share, we have too much to say.
"How could he or she do such an immoral thing," is a popular way to judge others,
As if we are all born identical to our physical, earthly sisters and brothers.

The Christo-pagan belief that Jesus was a god while he walked the earth
Diminishes the possibilities with which each human is given birth.
We are all made to be messiahs to others, in our own small ways,
But this is not how the story of Genesis has been rephrased.

All the generations of obedience to the highest abilities in humans
Have been made, by those who sought power, into a shame-filled sham.
They presented themselves as the only arbiters of salvation's story,
Refusing to admit to all of humanity's special crowning glory.

How is it that generation after generation seeks charlatans;
As if this level of slavery is what human salvation demands?
We continue to look outside of all that we experience in the universe
Because we believe those that tell us all creation has been cursed.

Look around you without listening to those who see the negative;
We've all been given different choices in how we're meant to live.
Not one of us needs an intermediary between ourselves and divinity;
The image and likeness of The Holy Spirit is in the universe we see.

I am simply thrilled that I have a small part in this cosmic miracle;
I accept that my understanding of this infinity will never, in my life, be full.
In fact, a great part of the joy in the life and times given to me
Is in continuing to know that I'll never reach the end of this mystery.

Do any of us truly know, given another's body and temptations
What we would have done in another's given, individual situations?
I choose to believe that each positive input that I give to another
Will help to guide the universe in making us all sisters and brothers.

I spend little time wondering who is better and who is worse;
I believe we each only physically manifest the divinity of the universe.
I believe all this energy will eventually come together as one,
As it was in eternity, before the universe we see was begun.

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