Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Energy As a Galaxy?

Why do we have the human need to diminish all, including The Divine?
Can I not accept the importance of anything I can't claim as mine?
I have always felt more energized by the differences around me,
Hoping to absorb into myself some new manifestations of energy.

It makes no sense to me that some claim to know "God's" nature
It has made less sense to me as my spiritual life has matured.
I don't even understand cosmology, which is much less profound;
Those who say they have definite answers, are liars, I have found.

Great science, like great religion, is always open to experience;
These are the "truths" humans have, from the beginning, and ever since.
Too often truth has been defined by only to those who simply read,
And reword the same old traditions; this is not what humanity needs.

Religion has become so mired in the halls of academics and politicians;
It it time for all the arrogant charlatans to offer their followers contrition.
The people must open their mouths and proclaim their spiritual truths
To protect our bloodied and wounded world from further "godly" abuse.

The Spirit of Life looks and feels like every experience on earth;
This truth has been diminished by glorifying the tribes of birth.
The Divine has every face, every voice, and every gender known.
When will we stop denying parts of the glory that we've been shown?

Until every child is cherished and protected by every human parent,
Humanity will not reach the potential that should be, to us, apparent.
The point of creation is to continue folding inward on each other,
Until we're indistinguishable in eternity as mother, father, sister or brother.

All our energy will eventually return to the Divine Genesis of Eternal Life;
We will be one with The Sacred Spirit, as sacred husband is to sacred wife.
Nurturing each flame of energy is our sacred responsibility;
It is not for us to know what happens in the great scheme of eternity.

What do I care if the energy I shared then fuels a new universe?
I would feel that, if it died with me, I must have been a curse.
I love to imagine that the energy that once manifested as me,
Could, at some time in the future of the universe, manifest as a galaxy.

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