Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Perspective on Pentecost

What if Pentecost was actually the Second Coming of Jesus, and we have all been missing that fact. Jews celebrate Pentecost as the giving of the law to them through Moses. The followers of Jesus, with the fire of The Holy Spirit, had the distillation of the law branded onto their hearts at Pentecost. Isn't this a possibility?

These people gathered to celebrate the Jewish holiday had been taught how to live the law by serving and celebrating all manifestations of their God on earth. Jesus had exemplified this and had even agreed to be put to death as the last blood sacrifice to a vengeful version of God, based on the old practices based on fear.

Joy in life in The Sacred Spirit became the new covenant. Awe replaced animal fear. Jesus's friends were on fire with The Sacred Spirit of Jewish Jesus, something that is frightening to those who don't understand this level of passion. There was no longer the need to circumcise or baptize in order to prove that all are one family. The human touch of service from one person to another became the way to draw people to their own Pentecost experiences.

When we hug another person with no need to receive a hug from them, we are passing Pentecost on to another. When we feed someone with love, we are handing them some of The Sacred Spirit, along with the savory sauce. When we look someone in the eye and allow them to tell us their stories, we are acting as a Christ to that person, at that time.

The Sacred Spirit doesn't have a favorite religion or ritual. In the wonderful words of Diana Ross, "Reach out and touch somebody's hand; make this world a better place, if you can."

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