Friday, February 21, 2014

Will We Leave Positive Power?

I wonder how much of Alzheimer's disease is an attempt to forget
The many monstrously horrible events that, in our lives, we met.
Do we somehow, passively, choose to return to being babies,
Forgiven all our actions because we're victims of a disease?

It seems to me that disease has replaced the concept of evil;
There are no longer any humans, for our actions, responsible.
Hitler had a bad childhood which led him to hate and kill others;
All evil actions of humanity are now blamed on fathers and mothers.

What a mess we've made of attempting to create "Christianity."
The acceptance of evil was something from which Jesus was free.
He forgave all those who came to him, with a direct command,
"Go in peace; I forgive you; stop hurting my family of humans."

We seem to have missed the part that commands us to confess,
Not to a priest, but to those against whom we've transgressed.
We were told not to take our problems to the secular courts,
But this is the first avenue of justice to which we resort.

"Christianity" has been a mockery of Jesus since Constantine,
The time when the Roman Catholic Church pope became a king.
All the religions clinging to the pope, while protesting his words,
Interpreted the true teachings of Jesus in a manner that's absurd.

The Sacred Spirit that is the earth and all physical manifestations
Has been diminished in all human-centered stories of creation.
The only way I can begin to be in awe of what is mysterious,
Is by not accepting human limits of the sacred as serious.

I don't believe in gods because they are simply greedy beings;
This is not the nature of The Sacred Spirit that I'm seeing.
That which I experience as sacred, in my pre-conscious time,
Cannot be described, because the eternal aura is so sublime.

Awe often feels like fear, so many feel, this Spirit, they should adore;
I understand those who accept Spirit manifestations as metaphor.
What I will not do is accept that there are those with special power
Who are emissaries of The Sacred, in whose presence I should cower.

Those who teach that babies are born wrapped in ancestral sin
Are seeking to control the minds and hearts of the family human.
They destroy the sense of parental partnership responsibility,
Pretending parents' homes can be replaced by religious community.

Family is the core of all community relationships in history;
Parents as partners is how humanity comes to be.
Pretending that virgin births are superior to bloody humanity,
We've created a world that is, from human hope, free.

There is no life born bearing an ancient ancestral curse;
We are all born perfect in the vastness of the universe.
All physical life is simply manifestations of energy,
In an ever-changing universe that is, from death, free.

Energy flows in many forms, eternally dividing and uniting;
This is the mystery of life that we should find most exciting.
Each human can choose whether to guide our energy to life,
Or to guide our energy toward life-destroying sacrifice.

I choose to believe in the restorative power of celebration;
This seems to conflict with the "Christian" notion of salvation.
I believe we create heaven or hell while here on our earth;
We choose to leave positive or negative balance in the universe.

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