Monday, February 24, 2014

My Current Creed

The proof I need that Hitler represented pure evil is, not only in recounting his actions, but in knowing that he left nobody on earth to positively embody his spirit. His niece, that he so evilly manipulated, should probably be honored as a martyr because she was so symptomatic of the proofs of pure evil in the universe (which of course, in our human experience, includes earth).

I am so tired of the sentimental excuses made for those who sap the spirit out of sacred innocence on earth. We have been perverted by psychologists and others, who make their livings pretending to cure the evil in others, to believe that those who create hell on earth should be forgiven, not only their "original sin" as prescribed by the power-happy religions, but the sins they choose to perpetrate on the vulnerable who have nothing but The Sacred in their spirits.

I have heard all their excuses; the worst being that people with low self-esteem abuse others. This may be true, but it is the ones with too high an opinion of themselves (narcissists)  that are most effective at usurping innocence and immortalizing evil.

Humans have been programmed by bullies to believe that we all need protectors against forces that only the abusers claim to understand. Of course, only they understand the beings that they create. Kings and other monarchs, witches, shamans, priests, "pastors," pundits, and politicians study the weaknesses of their followers, in order to create their own powerful protectorates for the people who are vulnerable and ignorant of the evil intentions of their 'loving" leaders. These leaders restrict what is allowed in order to belong to their communities, so that they hold complete control over the thoughts and actions of all members of their tribes.

Here is my current creed:
I believe that all humans with normal frontal lobe brain function are responsible for their actions. This is often referred to as "free will." This can now be objectively tested with PET scans.
I believe that many are not capable of judgement and/or impulse control, because of youth or lack of advanced brain function. Those without this ability are the most vulnerable members of human society. These people are most susceptible to manipulation through using fear to trigger return to less-evolved animal instinct. Only these people should be held as not responsible for their actions. It is for this reason that those who have been programmed toward evil present a greater danger to society, and should, thus, be kept in a state of living that minimizes any expectation of them for individual judgement or control of actions. The ideal of this would be effective, responsibly compassionate societal support for those who continue caring for them.
I reject any belief system based on fear, because my brain is capable of more than less-evolved animal instinct.
I reject any system based on a win-lose competitive construct because this perpetuates fear, anger, hatred, and war.
I reject any belief and/or action system based on ancient rules of community, ignoring modern scientific and experiential data.
I reject the notion that there are any limits to the physical, and other, manifestations of awe (The Sacred).
I reject any entity that promotes power through defining The Sacred and acting as arbiters and emissaries required to embrace the same.
I worship nothing, as any being demanding anything is certainly not all-powerful.
I reject the notion that any human(s) can affect the course of action inherent in The Sacred Spirit, as this would reflect that the universe is a reflection of less than all-powerful, all-knowing manifestations of sacred energy.
I will seek the sacred in all that contains it, and will also see that which is soaking up the power of the sacred from the innocence of others.
I will do all in my power to stop those who abuse innocence, even to giving my own flesh and blood body over to this mission.
I will not rest until the death of my physical body, or the annihilation of all those in perverse power, by virtue of sapping sacred spirituality from others.
I will peacefully die before my mission is completed, as long as I know I have passed the baton of belief-in-just-action on to others who share my final vision.
I believe that the difference between motivation and manipulation is simple. Motivation is for the growth of the motivated; manipulation benefits the manipulator.
What humans create on earth is the home in which our disembodied spirits will eternally exist.
All humanity sinks or swims together.
All energy we each manifest and share on earth, we will be bound to for eternity, or until other spirits that we impacted on earth balance our own evil energy.

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