Saturday, May 24, 2014

Looking at Life Like a Dog Does

Sometimes, I feel like I am listening to human speech like a dog does. You know how dogs cock their heads about thirty degrees to one side as we speak to them? They know you are saying something important, but the simply don't understand the words. This is how I feel when most people talk about God.

Even when I hear and read the same words, I experience different messages than do my most religious friends. Does this mean that they have special spiritual powers that I don't have? Many seem to think so. Religions seem to insist on all agreeing on everything in their professions of faith. I don't claim to know the truth for others, but I have come to comfort with what is true in my mind and spirit.

From the beginning of human ability to reason, it seems that all gods were to be feared, and demanded great sacrifices as punishment for their displeasure with their own creations. It seems that humanity was in dire need of crossing over from these fearful superstitions, into an era when we would understand our own indwelling ability to embrace, share, and grow The Sacred Spirit on our own earth (now the greater cosmos).

The energy of the universe we are, and to universal energy we shall return. This may be why we are admonished by Jesus to work toward heaven on while we are still physically on earth. What we sow, our universe will reap for many generations. For this reason, I believe it is a great evil to sow fear in any form.

I have come to reject any belief based on the fear of any power. This journey began with words spoken to me by my daughter, twenty-five years ago. "I don't think God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. I think God is like a good parent waiting at the door for his children to come home." This is when my head cocked thirty degrees to one side.

Once my way of "listening" to The Sacred Spirit was with head cocked to the side by thirty degrees, I never could hold my head straight in hearing what people say about The Sacred Spirit. Along the line of my research and isolation in the tomb-like quiet, I have lost contact with the term "god" as a good thing.  Looking at life this way, the whole story of original sin and repentance with a blood sacrifice son made for this purpose made no sense to me.

Just like a dog, I will obey a master that I fear, always looking for an escape from the feeling of fear, but I would die for those who fully open their spirits to me, and I to them.

I see the Judeo-Christian Bible as a collection of stories leading from the fearful superstitions of early humanity to the enlightenment of Pentecost. Only by a human's actions (fruits) will any know who is living in enlightenment and who is still bound by fear. Greed is a fruit of fear, as is hate and war.

Perhaps if we all start listening and living more like well-loved dogs, we can get past language and belief barriers and move onto universal agreement on The signs of The Sacred Spirit in ourselves and all others.

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