Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An A-theist Fishing Fantasy

I am an a-theist, in that I don't believe in any personification of the power of the universe, other than what we experience in the energy made into matter and other experiential manifestations in our own universe. We can all access "god"force  in all that we see, hear, touch, smell, think, and feel. The miracle of humanity, as compared to being a simple Homo sapien or Homo erectus, is that we can choose for ourselves what universal forces we embrace and bring into our own bodies. This takes self-discipline that can only be learned by observing others exercise this ability.

I don't believe in priests or shamans who have special powers to pull The Sacred out of the universe and impart The Sacred to lesser beings. I believe that full humans teach their young, like what we call the "lower" animals, by example. It matters not what blessings or curses others call down upon us or our offspring, they will learn what we model and assist them in mastering.

Because of the complexity of human life, it takes many more years to teach our human children than it does for other animals to become self-sufficient. The commitment we must make to behaving ourselves in a manner that is beneficial to our offspring, both in our tribe and outside of it, is great. We must be constantly vigilant regarding those who attempt to take our children away from us, both physically and in spirit.

It is difficult for human parents to know when to let go. It often feels as if we are fishing, letting out a little line and allowing them to swim away, only to have to reel them back into our boats. When they finally cut the line and swim away, the emotion can be overwhelming. We are tired of fighting the tension on the long lines of parenthood of human children, so we are relieved. Simultaneously, we are lost. The ways that we have lived for so many decades have become habit for us. How do we use these old "muscle memories?"

Some of us insist on meddling in the lives of our grown offspring, not trusting that we have imparted to them all the strengths that they need to survive. Some insist that their children produce more children that they will then guide. I am at a point where I am free to cast my line in unfamiliar waters, trolling for any who may want to be on my line. I tried allowing my "muscle memories" to atrophy, but they continued to twitch for a new challenge. I now am a mentor to some from across the oceans, and this is very satisfying to me.

My mission is to help others experience The Sacred in all around them and endeavor to impart the importance of living in this light to their own offspring and all they encounter in our universe.

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