Sunday, August 10, 2014

Abuse, Abortion, the Unborn, and the Inhuman

I am convinced that it is better to return the unborn to the universe while they cannot anticipate pain than it is to wait until they are forced onto uncaring parents and society that will surely abuse them, perhaps even before they are born. I am also convinced that there are those who cannot stop themselves from harming others for whom suicide may be the most noble path. I feel this is especially true for those who have a compulsion to take the innocence away from children. Only we can expose others to responsible, committed compassion, human-to-human, otherwise we cannot become fully human ourselves, and neither can our offspring.

The question uppermost in my mind in recent times has been, "Are all homo sapiens actually fully human?" I have come to this question while pondering the nature of evil on our earth. How is it that we continue to consider those without compassion as equal in humanity to those who live their lives seeking committed, compassionate community with others? It seems to me that there are many animals with words who appear to be human, until we look deeply into their eyes and actions. These animals have no light of unselfish love in their eyes; therefore, I believe them to be something less than human.

I believe that there are many who are born without the ability to have compassion, as they are born to animals, even homo sapiens, without this ability in themselves. I question that animals gestated, born and bred in trauma, drug addiction, war, or other abuse will ever be able to retrain their brains to any other way of looking at life. It is difficult enough for those with solidly safe backgrounds to overcome the effects of abuse and other trauma.

Unwanted pregnancy surely produces different chemicals in the system of the fetus than does the wanted pregnancy. These chemicals must permanently affect the brain of the future child. The same is probably true for the fetus "fed" drugs throughout gestation. The ability of the baby homo sapien to connect emotionally may not exist when the baby is born, or ever.

Another issue facing the brains of unwanted babies seems to be the lack of emotional connection between the baby and the primary caregiver(s). It seems to me that emotion, like speech, is learned as much by eye contact and other physical observation as it is in any other manner. Do we know when it is too late to intervene in the absence of parental or caregiver compassion for baby homo sapiens?

Even those with the capacity for compassion can revert back to their more base animal selves during trauma and PTSD. Those who have seemingly overcome their immediate animal instincts often lose all human reason when PTSD presents old injuries as happening in the here and now. This observation is what leads me to support abortion and to accept some suicides as acts of nobility.

Forcing evil homo sapiens to bear more of the same seems to be counter to creating peace on earth. I, for one, am happy to accept the narcissistic decision to live only for oneself, as long as the inhuman are willing to totally support and isolate themselves. Barring this, I support permanent isolation of them, with easy access to ways to end their own lives.

Perhaps if we redefine what it means for a homo sapien to be human, we can make progress toward peace on earth, as it is a heaven.

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