Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ancestral Attachments

I honestly have never understood attachments to people, places, or properties. I carry the spirit of all of these with me wherever I go. Every person, place, and thing that ever impacted me on a conscious level still lives vividly in my present through the human mind's miracle of memory.

I learned very early in life that I had no control over my physical destiny, so I began to repeat the stories of who, what, when, and where to myself on an endless loop. The saddest experience for me is in understanding that others need physical continuity in order to feel that they are centered in their own lives, and that many refuse to share in memory what we shared in experience.

It is my experience that when we live fully aware of what is going on around us, our pasts and our present become melded as one. I cannot see my grown children without also seeing them as infants. I feel the same way with all that allow me into their spiritual selves.

I don't mean to have others feel as if they have been stripped naked. I obviously, wrongly assumed that we all felt naked. How foolish I have been in assuming that intimacy was a universal need, or that any wanted to embrace true intimacy with me.

How I wish that all Homo sapiens felt comfortable emotionally naked in front of each other. Perhaps then we could bury our long-dead ancestors' issues with each other and embrace peace.

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