Friday, March 2, 2012

Seeing My Sister

Tonight I see my baby sister who has become quite the success,
Even though her life, like mine, started with a big mess.
She loves the snow; I love the sun, so we live in different climes;
Our paths are now crossing during my husband's mourning time.

This will be the first time I've seen her since our mother's death;
I'm wondering if family discord is ever fully put to rest.
I can only hope that the love we've shared will conquer the pain,
Or we may make the decision to never see one another again.

I realize this is a risk, but I've run out of sisterly good will,
Allowing them, for our mother, to be her religion's shills.
They have come to me to confess their many sins;
I am now handing their burdens back, so I can begin again.

I believe the new testament message is that we choose community;
Our lives are not bound by those we call our family.
I've never really known the values by which my siblings live;
It is time for me to ask them what they are willing to give.

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