Thursday, September 6, 2012

Competition or Community?

Where we went wrong in our religions is allowing them to become corporations;
This seems to be the problems we're also having with business in our nations
Religions are about community, cooperation, and  personal responsibility,
Values from which all corporations and their protected heads are free.

In times of severe crisis Americans are still neighbors helping neighbors;
In communities we believing in the fairness and balance of returning favors.
Other countries believe that there are some who deserve to be kings,
But this is not the freedom song with which American democracy rings.

Community brings up leaders with vision and exemplary actions,
Not simply those with connections, wealth, and physical attraction.
Community realizes that long range good for one must be good for all;
Exempting some from rules and consequences causes communities to fall.

We have come to a place in our lives, religions, and our nations
Where we long to be our own informed and equal representation.
This is the only way we won't continue to be dragged under
By those who are allowed our power, trust, and resources to plunder.

Let's go back to community, churches, schools, and small businesses
To form unions of individuals, this is what our early ancestors did.
We have to stop hiding behind large groups that turn to mob think
And take seriously "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

We can help to alert others if someone is about to hurt the whole,
Not as a way to harm, but as a way save all our souls.
But this can only be done if we're willing to treat all others
As potential community members, neighbors, sisters, and brothers.

We cannot fire errant family members or non-productive citizens,
But if they take from others, their freedoms and rights should end.
We must stop following false family, community, and church leaders;
This way is that from which the many civil rights movements freed us.

Do we want to belong to corporations with no individual responsibility,
Or do we want to belong to community where we may not always agree?
Where we are committed to the well being of ourselves and each other?
I believe Americans have the framework for communities like no other.

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