Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What Does Love Look Like?

We talk a great deal about giving up one's life for love.
We often believe that this means dying for another.
Every time we give a bit of ourselves to another,
When done with joy, it requires sacrifice of ourselves.
It is a great deal easier to assume that we would die once
Than it is to be vulnerable to a little daily death to self.
When we open to another, we exchange parts of ourselves;
This dwelling in each other is the real Holy Spirit of humanity.

As you go through your day, where do you see love?
Not hear it, but really see it, and have it warm your soul?
When my husband looks at me with his mischievous grin,
The twinkle in his eyes says "I love you" to my very marrow.
A friend spends time in email discussion, only between us;
This says we are vulnerable to each other; that's love.
Turning to each other and speaking into each others hearts,
With all outside distractions put aside; that look is love.

A husband's gift of a rock from his walk on the beach
Because his wife likes rocks to bound her garden.
When a granddaughter sits next to her granny at a movie.
When a granddaughter falls asleep in her granny's lap.
When a wife sits silently at her sick husband's bedside,
And a father gets up in the night with his crying child.
A husband slows his stride to take the hand of his wife.
A dad and son under a blanket with dad's morning coffee.

Mom and daughter laying side-by-side in the summer sun.
Pet owners stooping to pick up the poop of their pups.
A husband adjusting the hot tub temperature for his wife.
Spouses doing each others' dirty laundry, even underwear.
A daughter respectfully advising her mom on her wardrobe.
Parents changing babies' dirty diapers, no matter how smelly.
Sons and daughters doing the same for infirm parents.
A husband digging a beloved deceased dog's grave.

When a grandson agrees to have lunch with you
And doesn't ask for money or text at any time.
A child comes to simply sit with an old parent.
Scooping a cat's litter; putting out food and water.
Donating platelets, blood, or bone marrow.
Cooking a favorite food for someone else.
Encouraging another's honest efforts.
Being available to simply soothe and be.

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