Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heroism, Heirs, and Humanity

I honestly believe it is an act of heroism to decide when and how we should leave;
If we're no longer able to contribute, our families, at our deaths, shouldn't grieve.
Medical science has exceeded our ability to make compassionate choices;
We must, based on our own family and personal values, assert our own voices.

My husband wants to live as long as his incredible brain remains;
I have long asserted my right to not believe just the same.
I, without physical strength, don't feel I've much to give;
He, while he thinks, not articulates, feels he has reason to live.

There are many who may fight to keep my weary body alive;
He, without my help will not long, according to him, survive.
Where are the boundaries for the life we owe to others;
When can we give up our roles as earth fathers and mothers?

I used to think I made a difference staying upon this earth;
This was probably necessary to those I had given birth.
But I cannot, for the life of me, begin to comprehend
Reluctance of those with no goals to have their lives end.

This generation has the internet to get all useful information;
This leaves all those with experience no honored life's station.
What good is history for those who are into adventure?
They can't seem to see that their history is their value's center.

I don't need to understand or pretend to comprehend
The things that will happen at this world's end.
I believe we are all commanded, no matter our birth,
To create a peaceful, heavenly existence right here on earth.

I know that this is not the popular rulers' opinion;
This would take away the supremacy of their dominion.
If we all agree to get along for the future of all children,
There may be no more reason for war or for abortion.

Separate groups encourage unbridled procreation
For the increased powers of their own independent nations.
When will they stop fearing and begin to try to understand
All are in the "image of 'God' ", as long as they are human?

We give up our humanity when we turn away from The Spirit.
The "voice" begins very small, so that only we can "hear" it.
Every minute of every day, It is tap, tap, tapping on our souls
Asking us to "feed" It, so our humanity will remain whole.

It is so sad in life that anyone with a ready smile
Is thought to be a fool, with the reasoning of a child.
That secret smile that lives behind the eyes of joy
Is the greatest blessing coming from every girl and boy.

But our world wants to toughen them up for "reality";
We share our adult problems they may never need to see.
Innocence taken from us can be hard to watch in others;
Preserving it should be the job of fathers and mothers.

Wanting our children as peers, we burden them with our pain;
In many people, the peaceful joy can never be regained.
Some have had it dimmed in the womb by drugs and alcohol,
Never having the innocence shine in them at all.

Can we feed the joy back into such damaged, starving souls?
Can they ever heal the scars that are wrapped around their souls?
When we start looking at differences with loving interest, instead of fear,
Our joy may "speak" to them loud enough for their souls to "hear".

Instead we look away and ridicule them behind their backs,
Pretending their is some "norm" that the "different" one lacks.
We attack their joy until their light is eventually snuffed out;
I don't think exclusion is what compassion is about.

I takes all kinds and beliefs to build a vibrant community
This is how a peaceful, healthy world is set up to be.
When we realize that all creation is part of Divine Energy,
We will be able to, from fear, set our Spirits free.

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  1. I must not have clicked something. I know I left a comment. To many folks chagrin I feel the same about deciding when I have done enough. Sherry does not agree, along with many of my friends. Anyway I don't remember what All I said. But just wanted to say If all goes well I will be in the woods for a couple weeks. If not I will return sooner.
    Love from Bangor. PS> Don't decide to leave any time soon!