Monday, September 3, 2012

McCarthyism in Our Midst

We say that we are now color-blind, but ignore hatred.
We say we're standing up for justice that was belated.
What do we do to the groups we have always scorned,
Not in the group we accept and embrace as "the norm"?

When we try to punish, drug, and kill people for not fitting in;
This is where most justification of evil  seems to begin.
Those who disagree with "the norm" must be silenced;
There should be no thought of , for injustice, recompense.

We have entered a new age of religious McCarthyism.
Our religions and our government desperately need a schism.
The horrors of the old religious ways of controlling others
Makes enemies, masters, and slaves of sisters and brothers.

Have humans learned anything in three thousand years,
That lack of understanding is what begets most fears?
The thing most destructive is the fear-fueled aggression
That seems to be our nation's most dangerous obsession.

If there is a Spirit of Wholeness, it seems very plain to me
That this, not religion, is what we must pray for and seek.
The religious should go back to the words of Genesis,
Or admit that "In Our Image and Likeness" is a myth.

1 comment:

  1. Seems hard for us to accept 'the norm'. We have so easily done it in the past. Change comes slow, even slower when you try to hurry it up. My daddy compared it to watching the hour hand or watching grass grow when he was farmer.

    Love from Bangor..,. soon to hit the trail.....