Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Family of Humanity

Are we to believe all sacred scriptures were already written
Before there was talk of equality between women and men?
The Sacred Spirit that preceded any Jewish definition of God
Surely, didn't with Jesus's Pentecostal coming, get tired.

Do humans accept that The Spirit that exploded into creation
Only spoke to males, denying any fertile female's mediation?
The earth, bearing children of god(s), we're told, is the mother;
Making all of humanity, by birth, equally sisters and brothers.

How did we come to accept that there are god(s) who deny
The children from their own mates? Didn't their mates even try
To correct the jealous, vengeful fathers of all their children,
Rather than, of only the strongest, making special friends?

I will not accept any god(s), because they are egotistical,
Refusing much of the sacred, in which the earth is full.
I prefer to continue sharing with others the everyday sacred
That happens, by accident, with those spiritually naked.

It grieves me that so many are uncomfortable with anger;
Great shows of strength are necessary to ward off danger.
There were so many vulnerable that looked to me for protection,
I have, long-since, sworn to accept religious society's rejection.

Religions masquerade as safe homes of simple community;
How many of them are, from perverse political power, free?
The minute any religion accepts any favors from "government"
The have accepted the seduction of the Garden of Eden's serpent.

The acceptance of a sacred power that began before Genesis
Was not, by humans, before the written word, something to resist.
This power was simply seen as embodied in all of nature;
It was a mistake to believe special humans possessed a cure.

Cures come from spiritual powers manifested in the physical;
I believe that in un-embodied spirits, this, our earth, isn't full.
I believe Jewish Jesus was clear that we must touch each other;
This is the human way to share The Sacred as sister and brother.

The wrong that Abraham and Sarah did to Abraham's first son
Has plagued humanity since shortly after Jewish history was begun.
Isn't it time that we all admit that our ancestors were wrong,
So that the family of humanity can be, against earthly evil, strong?

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